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Making a Difference

At Styles&Wood we’ve always been driven by the need to make things better and our approach to corporate responsibility goes way beyond looking at practices that focus on improvements linked to our operations and financial position.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is driven through our Styles&Wood in The Community (SWiTC) Team. We’ve embedded corporate responsibility into our corporate decision making process and by continuing to do so we can use our positive influence to help build a better society.

Supporting our communities

Working alongside local communities, we can make sure that we’re working for them, protecting their environment, supporting their local economy, providing employment and training and building a legacy for their future generations. At Styles&Wood we encourage our employees to take part in at least 2 days volunteering to help support those who need our help

Volunteering 2016


Engaging the future workforce

Styles&Wood are committed to raising aspirations for our future workforce and our CEO sits on the Marketplace Leadership Team for Business in the Community (BITC).

Through BITC, Styles&Wood has built long-term partnerships between schools and businesses which are underpinned by strategic supportive and collaborative action, and as part of this we deliver a range of activities such as mentoring workshops and site visits.

Schools Liaison Programme

The Big Challenge

Our ‘BIG Challenge’ event provides support to our local communities and gives our colleagues, suppliers and subcontractors the opportunity to get involved by donating their time, materials or other resources to the project.

This year we pledged to support Trafford General Hospital for the concept design and refurbishment of their café area. The project involved transforming the space into a modern, welcoming area for staff and visitors to access 24 hours a day. Read more below.

The Coffee Lounge


Creating a sustainable future

At Styles&Wood we’ve always looked at ways in which we can operate in a more environmentally responsible way, encouraging and supporting clients and our supply partners to reduce their environmental impacts.

We’ve always tried to be one step ahead in terms of environmental efficiency, looking for new materials or processes that allow us to strip out waste and maximise life cycle efficiency, including the energy we consume through storage, logistics and installation.

Consolidation Hub